Schnabl Engineering fetches another good result


In front of a fantastic scenery with more than 100.000 spectators at the 5th round of the Porsche Carrera Cup on the Norisring, Jiri Janak claimed another seven points for the driver standings of the championship. Despite a not perfectly setup Porsche 911 GT3 Cup the Czech with his fighting spirit once more managed to finish within the TOP-10 of the strong and competitive field of the series. With rank 16 the German Hannes Plesse only just missed points.

"From my point of view the race here in Nürnberg was a kind of a boring matter", Jiri Janak commented on the 35 laps on the 2.3 kilometres long Norisring. "I had a very good start and after that I could improve some positions soon. But that is all I can report about the action. My Car was too bad to close the gap to the cars in front of me, but good enough to keep the group behind me in a comfortable distance. So I had some quite lonely laps around the track and finally finished the race on ninth position. Somehow it was a strange race for me."

"During the whole weekend we unfortunately have not been able to do a perfect Job. Position 19 on the Friday session was a real nightmare for me", the Czech said. "After we could claim a quite strong result here in last year's race, we have expected a considerably better result than this one. But unfortunately I had to fight with car at the whole weekend. Even in the qualifying session, when I was out on a fresh set of tyres, our setup didn't fit the track as it should have done."

"My greatest problem on the Norisring was the last corner", Hannes Plesse described his difficulties after the practice sessions on the city circuit. "Unfortunately, this corner is of all things the one which is most important to drive a reasonable lap time. If you don't manage to get onto the following long straight with a sufficient momentum, you will simply loose a lot of time." The 24-years-old Schnabl Engineering pilot suffered with the same problem during the race on Sunday, which he finished on 16th position. "Somehow it is to despair. I have been overtaken in the very last lap and with that I still have to wait for my first point in this year's championship season. However, I also had to fight with blunt weapons today, because the setup of my Porsche was not the best at this weekend.

"Last year we where able to finish the Norisring race on fourth position, this time we only managed ninth rank here. So the result of this weekend is not really satisfying our expectations for the weekend", is the conclusion of Sven Schnabl about the 5th round of the Porsche Carrera Cup at the Norisring. "However, our cars were constantly during the race today, but unfortunately they also were constantly two tenth of a second to slow. We simply were not quick enough in the initial 20 laps of the race. So our setup was not well enough for a better result", the team manager declares self-critically.

"Despite the mentioned problems Jiri Janak delivered a strong performance today. I am particularly sorry for Hannes Plesse. Today he came close to fetch his first point in the championship and has fought excellently. Unfortunately he was passed in last lap of the race and finished on an ungrateful 17th rank", the team manager praised his drivers.

Race Results

Pos. Driver Team Time
1 Nicolas Armindo ARAXA RACING 33:09.656
2 René Rast MRS Team + 0:00.795
3 Chris Mamerow Mamerow Racing + 0:03.435
4 Jan Seyffarth SMS Seyffarth-Motorsport + 0:03.832
5 Uwe Alzen Herberth Motorsport + 0:04.107
6 Jörg Hardt Herberth Motorsport + 0:05.659
7 Martin Ragginger UPS Porsche Junior Team + 0:09.437
8 Marco Holzer UPS Porsche Junior Team + 0:09.668
9 Jiri Janak Schnabl Engineering + 0:16.082
10 Niclas Kentenich Farnbacher Racing + 0:18.573
11 Philipp Wlazik Hermes attempto Racing + 0:28.270
12 Mario Josten MRS Team + 0:30.693
13 Tim Buijs Eichin Racing + 0:39.883
14 Florian Stoll MS Racing + 0:40.370
15 Robert Renauer Farnbacher Racing + 0:40.906
16 Hannes Plesse Schnabl Engineering + 0:42.892
17 Patrick Hirsch Land Motorsport + 0:46.795
18 Andzej Dzikevic Land Motorsport + 0:50.335
19 Ivan Jacoma MS Racing + 0:51.494
20 Christian Engelhart tolimit + 0:52.756
21 Oleg Kesselman Micanek Motorsport + 1 Lap
22 Mike Verschuur Eichin Racing + 1 Lap
23 Carl Carlsson-Olov ARAXA RACING + 2 Laps
- Jeroen Bleekemolen Mamerow Racing + 18 Laps
- Christian Abt tolimit + 19 Laps
- Thomas Jäger ONLINE LEASING RT + 22 Laps
- Florian Scholze ONLINE LEASING RT + 25 Laps
- Patrick Huisman Hermes attempto Racing + 26 Laps
- Robert Lukas SMS Seyffarth-Motorsport + n/a
- Jiri Micanek Micanek Motorsport + n/a

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