Schnabl Engineering again taking points at the Porsche Carrera Cup


Schnabl Engineering again taking points at the Porsche Carrera Cup

At the thousands race of a Porsche Carrera Cup Schnabl Engineering took again several points for the Championship. At the second race weekend of the Championship in front of 75.000 spectators at the Eurospeedway at Lausitz the team finished seventh and eleventh.

"At one side we can be glad of the points we scored, on the other side we could have finished better", team owner Sven Schnabl commented after the race on Sunday.

This could be seen best at Hannes Plesse, who drove one of Porsche's with 420hp. The 25-year old mechanical engineering student who lives close to Braunschweig had problems during the rainy qualifying and started from 18th. During the race it looked better for him, already in lap 2 he was noted at 14th position until he got hit by another driver. Therefore he damaged his rear bumper and his toe setting has been out. With lots of fighting he managed to keep the Porsche on the track. Suddenly he recognised smoke on and later in the car. "I felt smoke in the cockpit and some strange noise from the exhaust", he said after the race. He managed to solve the problem by his own, he stopped, got out of the car took the bumper which has been lying on the exhaust, off and got on. The crowd has been pleased and gave applause. With him finishing eleventh he scored five points and brings him to position 6 in the overall standing at the moment.

Also the second driver in the team of Sven Schnabl could score well points. At the 3,478km circuit at the Niederlausitz the 22-year old Rookie Sebastian Asch, who does his first season in the competitive Championship, qualified tenth. "I had a good feeling", so the son of racing veteran Roland Asch, who himself has been a former Carrera Cup Germany Champion. And his feeling should be right, with a strong performance he has been down to sixth position, but finished seventh after 24 laps. "I am glad", so Sebastian Asch. "My aim has been to score points, which worked well. I hope we can continue like this and even do better"!

Team owner Sven Schnabl stated the same way: "With the points we can live. But as I said before, Sebastian Asch could have finished fifth or sixth and without the accident which was not Hannes fault he could have been further to the front. Our race speed has been OK and we look forward to the bext race at Norisring."

Race three will be held at Norisring at June, 28th. At the street circuit in the middle of Nuernberg lots of fans will be expected as this race is one of the highlights each year.

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