Schnabl Engineering -LKM- Team Jebsen quick at Monza


Darryl O'Young seized situation perfectly and reacted quickest. So he got good basics for the race and was able to keep the pace without any problems. He even improved to 12th place and had hard fights with Jaap van Lagen and later on with Patrick Huisman. O'Young approached limit more and more. "I tried to brake later and later - one time too late", a disappointed pilot stated later, since he finally ended his race in an escaping area. Approaching a chicane, he missed his braking point, spun and had to end his race.

"A pity", team head Schnabl said. "As there were guest starters in front of us, we could have earned points for rank eight or nine. The car worked brilliant and he showed that he is able to keep the speed of the top."

Jiri Janak stood right behind Jaap van Lagen at the start, when the latter got problems. The Czech had to brake and returned on 23 from the first lap. In the following it was difficult to gather momentum again. "After the start race was almost over for me", Janak explained. "I had to brake and wait, if van Lagen hit somewhere. But he was lucky that no one hit him and that his car kept undamaged. I lost a lot of time and positions by this..." But Janak did not give up and improved from rank 23 to 13th place in finish.

Porsche Supercup Monza (09.09.07)
1. Damien Faulkner Lechner Racing Team Bahrain 26:39.887 + 0:00.000
2. Richard Westbrook HISAQ Competition 26:43.943 + 0:04.056
3. Uwe Alzen SPS automotive performance 26:44.386 + 0:04.499
4. David Saelens Team IRWIN SAS 26:44.773 + 0:04.886
5. Christian Menzel tolimit motorsport 26:45.194 + 0:05.307
6. Lance David Arnold ups porsche Junior Team 26:45.823 + 0:05.936
7. Martin Ragginger ups porsche Junior Team 26:48.402 + 0:08.515
8. Marc Basseng HISAQ Competition 26:50.741 + 0:10.854
9. Richard Williams Racing Team Indonesia 26:51.142 + 0:11.255
10. Marc Hynes Team Irwin SAS 26:52.586 + 0:12.699
11. Jaap van Lagen Bleekemolen Race Planet - PZ Essen 26:52.767 + 0:12.880
12. Patrick Huisman Konrad Motorsport 26:57.787 + 0:17.900
13. Jiri Janak Schnabl Engineering LKM Team Jebsen 27:01.794 + 0:21.907
14. Andrea Sonvico Konrad Motorsport 27:13.994 + 0:34.107
15. Paul van Splunteren HSF Porsche Eindhoven 27:16.748 + 0:36.861
16. Mikael Forsten Lechner Racing School 27:20.381 + 0:40.494
17. William Langhorne MRS Team PZ Aschaffenburg 27:20.736 + 0:40.849
18. Simon Frederiks HSF Porsche Eindhoven 27:21.774 + 0:41.887
19. Nicolas Armindo tolimit motorsport 27:40.772 + 1:00.885
20. Maher Algadri Golden Spike Pertamina Indonesia RT 28:07.679 + 1:27.792
21. Andzej Dzikevic SPS automotive performance 26:58.756 + 1 Lap
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Darryl O'Young Schnabl Engineering LKM Team Jebsen
Alessandro Zampedri Lechner Racing Team Bahrain
Phil Quaife Racing Team Indonesia
Stefan Rosina Lechner Racing School
Jeroen Bleekemolen Golden Spike Pertamina Indonesia RT
Olivier Maximin MRS Team PZ Aschaffenburg
Seb. Bleekemolen Bleekemolen Race Planet - PZ Essen

Sven Schnabl after the race: "It was a common matter. When we are well prepared, the race is already over. On tracks, where we did not test, time runs up too fast for us. In free practice sessions we have to test things, which other teams have done already before. Our race setup was good, not perfect, but good! Even the engine worked flawlessly after its control by Porsche. Today much more would have been possible, but it shows that we are on the right way."

Besides the race at Monza there was a race of the french Porsche Carrera Cup at Albi. Here Schnabl Engineering took part with Damien Toulemonde, who reached rank eight in the first race. In the second run he dropped out in position eight due to a slowing puncture.

Again time is short for the team. The coming up weekend one will travel to Spa-Francorchamps (B), where the final round of the Porsche Mobil1-Supercup will be held in the framework of the Formula One. Only one week later one races for the last but one round of the Porsche Carrera Cup at Barcelona.

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