Schnabl Engineering -EMC- PZ Koblenz on podium at Spain


The 8th round of the Porsche Carrera Cup was very successful for Team Schnabl Engineering - EMC - PZ Koblenz on the Circuit de Catalunya at Barcelona (E). Jiri Janak reached rank three and Pierre Kaffer took position nine. After one raced at Barcelona already in spring during the Porsche Supercup, the team could resort to some experience. "This proves again, how important test-and race-kilometres are to be competitive", teamhead Sven Schnabl said. "We started at the point, where we stopped during the Supercup race."

The team convinced completely in qualifying. Under difficult outer conditions one built foundation for the later success in race. Shortly before timed practice rain set in and track dried slowly. Teamhead Schnabl kept waiting at first and then sent out Janak on rain tyres. But the Czech came in again, reporting the track to dry quickly. So he went out on slicks a second time. And this proved to be right. With an excellent performance he managed a time of 1:13.940 and in doing so took starting rank two close behind championship leader Richard Westbrook.

Pierre Kaffer was quick too, but had some problems in a certain section, which threw him back to place twelve. "There you see the high level of the Cup", Sven Schnabl said. Kaffer was seperated from the best time by only one half of a second!

Just before the DTM race on sunday the 8th round of the Porsche Carrera Cup was ready to go. Jiri Janak's start was great but his opponent Nicolas Armindo was slightly better, overtaking Janak in the first corner. And so positions were settled for the rest of the race. Just an overlapping action became a bit picky when Janak was hold up by the driver and chasers came up again. But Janak did not leave any doubt finally and defended his podium rank up to finish line. "Jiri did not make any mistakes and deserved rank three", Schnabl stated.

Kaffer showed a good race too, fighting a long time with ex-champion Christian Menzel. Thus both lost contact to the grid in front, otherwise a better result than rank nine might have been possible.

"But we are happy with our weekend", Schnabl resumed. "We achieved our best season result, which we want to confirm at the final round at Hockenheim from 12th to 14th October."

Race Porsche Carrera Cup Barcelona (23.09.07)
1. Richard Westbrook Araxa Racing 35:14.557
2. Nicolas Armindo tolimit motorsport 35:20.964 + 0:06.407
3. Jiri Janak Schnabl Engineering EMC PZ Koblenz 35:23.325 + 0:08.768
4. Lance David Arnold UPS Porsche Junior Team 35:24.280 + 0:09.723
5. Jeroen Bleekemolen Mamerow Racing 35:24.786 + 0:10.229
6. Uwe Alzen Herberth Motorsport 35:25.735 + 0:11.178
7. Jan Seyffarth SMS Seyffarth-Motorsport 35:42.817 + 0:28.260
8. Olivier Pla MRS-Team 35:45.246 + 0:30.689
9. Pierre Kaffer Schnabl Engineering EMC PZ Koblenz 35:46.074 + 0:31.517
10. Christian Menzel tolimit motorsport 35:46.420 + 0:31.863
11. Pascal Kochem Eichin Racing 35:53.117 + 0:38.560
12. Philipp Wlazik Hermes Attempto Racing 35:54.622 + 0:40.065
13. Marcel Leipert rhino's Wieth Racing 35:55.752 + 0:41.195
14. Adam Lacko Farnbacher Racing 35:56.950 + 0:42.393
15. Robert Renauer Eichin Racing 36:02.680 + 0:48.123
16. Martin Brückl B.E.M. Brückl Motorsport 36:11.582 + 0:57.025
17. Max-Maciej Stanco, Fuchs Star Moto Racing 36:12.262 + 0:57.705
18. Robert Lukas Fuchs Star Moto Racing 36:23.450 + 1:08.893
19. Jiri Micanek Micanek Motorsport 36:23.940 + 1:09.383
20. Christian Land Land Motorsport 36:24.681 + 1:10.124
21. Arkin Aka Hermes Attempto Racing 35:33.207 + 1 Lape
22. Arnold Wagner B.E.M. Brückl Motorsport 35:36.544 + 1 Lape
23. Damian Sawicki Farnbacher Racing 35:39.686 + 1 Lape
24. Vladimir Hladik Micanek Motorsport 35:51.884 + 1 Lape
25. Thomas Jäger rhino's Wieth Racing 32:30.691 + 3 Lapes
not classified:
Florian Gruber Herberth Motorsport 15:46.153 + 16 Lapes
Michel Frey Araxa Racing 16:11.799 + 16 Lapes
Martin Ragginger UPS Porsche Junior Team 7:12.132 + 23 Lapes
René Rast MRS-Team 2:51.256 + 26 Lapes
Steffi Halm tolimit inVenture 1:49.723 + 27 Lapes
Hannes Plesse tolimit inVenture 1:50.771 + 27 Lapes
Andzej Dzikevic Land Motorsport 2:03.939 + 27 Lapes
Manfred Ahlden Ahlden Motorsport 2:19.284 + 27 Lapes
Chris Mamerow Mamerow Racing --- ---
Alexander Roloff Ahlden Motorsport --- ---

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