PSC: Finishing 11th at the home race in Germany


A difficult start into the Weekend at 8th round of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup at the home race in Hockenheim took a conciliatory end with the race on Sunday. After a fault-free performance Jiri Janak finished 11th and only just missed the Top 10. With that, the Czech could claim some further points in the Championship. Keita Sawa was involved in an incident that let him drop back early in the race. The Japanese finally finished the Hockenheim round on 22nd rank.

"After an unlucky start into the weekend I am really satisfied with the result of the race on Sunday", Jiri Janak was happy, finishing 11th after the 14 laps on the 4,574 kilometres long Grand Prix Circuit in Hockenheim. With an excursion into the tyre stacks at the free practice session on Friday the Czech and Schnabl Engineering caught a rather bad start into the home race in Germany. "It was a pity, because I could do only six laps, what was not enough to find a suitable setup for the qualifying", Jiri Janak, who only managed to qualify for 15th position in the starting grid, explains. On Sunday it than went a lot better for the 24-years-old. "It was a really tough race. If you have to start from the midfield into a Supercup race, you always have the risk to be involved in accidents. Fortunately it was not the case today. I had a good start and later on I had some good fights with the other competitors, which in the end brought me up to 11th position. It's at least a good result."

Darryl O'Young was not at the start in Hockenheim. The Schnabl Engineering pilot preferred to compete in the Asian Porsche Carrera Cup, where he had to defend his lead in the driver standings of the championship. The 28-year-old experienced an extremely successful weekend at the Sentul International Circuit in Indonesia. After a victory in the first round, the quick man from Hong Kong finished second in the second race and could further consolidate his lead in the championship.

In Hockenheim O'Young was represented once more by Keita Sawa, who despite a lacking knowledge of the track provided a big surprise on Saturday, when he qualified for 13th position in the starting grid for the race. However, in the race on Sunday the Japanese lost all his hopes for a good result really soon. "Just after the start I was a kind of sandwiched by two other competitors and with that I dropped back some positions. After this incident my car was very difficult to drive. I think the set-up on the front axle didn't fit any longer, because I had a massive understeering. Nevertheless, the two races for Schnabl Engineering in the Supercup were a valuable experience for me. I have been able to learn a lot and plan to compete for a complete season in the Supercup next year."

"It was a very eventful home race in the Porsche Supercup for Schnabl Engineering", team manager Sven Schnabl says. "Primarily we could not complain about a lack of work. On Friday Jiri Janak had an unpleasant incident, on Saturday Keita Sawa slipped off the track. Finishing on 11th rank, Jiri Janak nevertheless helped us to have a conciliatory end", said the team manager, who particularly praises the good performance of Keita Sawa. "It is really strong for a newcomer to claim 13th rank in the qualifying for the Supercup. I am really sorry that it went so bad for him in the race, when just after the start someone crashed into his car. Without that incident his guest start probably would have ended in the position for points."

Race Porsche Supercup (Hockenheim, 20.07.08)
1. Chris Mamerow DAMAC Kadach Racing 24:38.170
2. Jaap van Lagen DAMAC Kadach Racing 1.704
3. Jeroen Bleekemolen Jetstream Motorsport 4.768
4. Damien Faulkner SAS-Lechner Racing 5.705
5. René Rast Veltins MRS Racing 8.515
6. Nicolas Armindo tolimit 10.151
7. Martin Ragginger UPS Porsche Junior Team 10.278
8. David Saelens IRWIN Racing 11.638
9. Patrick Huisman IRWIN Racing 14.223
10. Sean Edwards Konrad Motorsport 15.485
11. Jiri Janak Schnabl Engineering 17.294
12. Pedro Petiz Racing Team Jetstream 21.188
13. Lance Arnold David SPS automotive-performance 22.195
14. Stefan Rosina Lechner Racing Bahrain 23.472
15. Jocke Mangs tolimit 28.919
16. Jan Seyffarth Konrad Motorsport 29.619
17. Marc Benz SPS automotive-performance 29.711
18. Sebastiaan Bleekemolen Bleekemolen Race Planet 30.684
19. Tim Buijs Bleekemolen Race Planet 30.898
20. Lucas Guerrero Jetstream Motorsport 32.474
21. William Langhorne Veltins MRS Racing 33.371
22. Keita Sawa Schnabl Engineering 34.008
23. Paul van Splunteren HSF Porsche Eindhoven 37.299
24. Simon Frederiks HSF Porsche Eindhoven 39.318
25. Mikael Forsten Racing Team Jetstream 43.994
26. Norbert Siedler Veltins MRS Racing 47.198
27. Danny Watts SAS-Lechner Racing + 1:35.422
28. Alessandro Zampedri Lechner Racing Bahrain + 8 Laps
29. Neel Jani Porsche AG + 11 Laps
30. Marco Holzer UPS Porsche Junior Team + 13 Laps

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