PSC: Both Cars in the Points at Barcelona


The third round of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup in Barcelona ended for the team Schnabl Engineering on ranks 14 for Jiri Janak and 18 for Darryl O'Young. Both drivers went trough a difficult weekend at Spain in this years high competitive Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup. Especially problems in the qualifying on Saturday impeded a better result in the race on Sunday. "That's not what I expected from the Race here in Barcelona", Darryl O'Young was a bit disappointed with the 18th rank after 14 exhausting laps on the Circuit de Catalunya.

Already in the qualifying on Saturday, the man from Hong Kong complained about a difficult session. "With my first set of tyres I had some trouble with the traffic, so I wasn't able to put the sectors together. I think I lost at least 3/10 of a second. The competition in the Porsche Supercup is really high and in the end this 3/10 cost me about 8 positions. I think it will be a really tough race tomorrow with a close fight and I hope to find an opportunity to move forward in the field." However, the hopes of the 28-year old didn't come true one day later.

After a good start he soon realized that he has to go trough a tough race. "I thought I could make it into the points today, but I couldn't keep the pace because I struggled with the grip of my Porsche. Instead of fighting with the competitors in front of me, I had to defend my position against the drivers behind", Darryl O'Young characterized his race. "At least it was a disappointing weekend for me and the team, I hope we can do a better Job in the next round of the Supercup", so the Schnabl Engineering pilot. The second driver of the team Schnabl Engineering, Jiri Janak, went through a similar problematic weekend "Like Darryl I didn't manage to put all sectors in a row, because I made a little mistake in my fastest lap. I am a little bit disappointed, because I could have been within the Top-10", the Czech reported after being 15th in the qualifying session. In the race on Sunday he fought with the setup of his car. "I could not really go the pace with the cars in front of me.

However, somehow I managed to fetch some point here in Spain. After the disappointing weekend I hope we have some better results in the next round of the Supercup." "The outcome of the weekend is not what we expected from the third round of the Supercup. Both cars haven't been quick enough to claim a reasonable result", team manager Sven Schnabl felt unsatisfied after the Sundays race. "Jiri Janak finally made it into the points, but we expected a much better position for him. Also Darryl O'Young had difficulties to keep the pace. We really don't know, what kind of problem made us struggling. What we have to do now, is to work even harder in the future, because that are not the kind of results, we are after."

Pos. Driver Team Time
1 Jan Seyffarth Konrad Motorsport 26:16.910
2 Jeroen Bleekemolen Jetstream Motorsport + 0:02.723
3 Martin Ragginger UPS Porsche Junior Team + 0:07.923
4 Nicolas Armindo tolimit + 0:09.478
5 René Rast VELTINS MRS Racing + 0:12.582
6 Danny Watts SAS-Lechner Racing + 0:12.962
7 Stefan Rosina Lechner Racing Bahrain + 0:14.339
8 Patrick Huisman IRWIN Racing + 0:15.611
9 Damien Faulkner SAS-Lechner Racing + 0:16.213
10 Uwe Alzen SPS automotive-performance + 0:17.339
11 Jaap van Lagen DAMAC Kadach Racing + 0:17.602
12 Sean Edwards Konrad Motorsport + 0:18.594
13 Sebastiaan Bleekemolen Bleekemolen Race Planet + 0:24.938
14 Jiri Janak Schnabl Engineering + 0:25.249
15 Marco Holzer UPS Porsche Junior Team + 0:25.401
16 Jocke Mangs tolimit + 0:26.921
17 Mike Verschuur Racing Team Jetstream + 0:27.309
18 Darryl O'Young Schnabl Engineering + 0:27.993
19 Lucas Guerrero Jetstream Motorsport + 0:28.567
20 Pedro Petiz Racing Team Jetstream + 0:29.161
21 Tim Buijs Bleekemolen Race Planet + 0:30.163
22 Paul van Splunteren HSF Porsche Eindhoven + 0:34.709
23 Simon Frederiks HSF Porsche Eindhoven + 0:37.997
24 António Coimbra Porsche AG + 1:43.169
25 Nemunas Dagilis SPS automotive-performance + 1:44.106
26 David Saelens IRWIN Racing + 1:44.961
- Alessandro Zampedri Lechner Racing Bahrain -
- Chris Mamerow DAMAC Kadach Racing -
- Norbert Siedler VELTINS MRS Racing -

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