PSC: Black Sunday in England for Schnabl Engineering


After a superb performance of the Schnabl Engineering pilots in the free practice session on Friday and in the Qualifying on Saturday, the race on Sunday turned out to be a disaster for the Schnabl Engineering.

At heavy rain the Czech Jiri Janak, after a good start from eighth grid position, had to retire from the race after he was pushed into the gravel by another competitor. Darry O'Young suffered a similar fate and had to stop his race already after the first.

On Saturday the world was still OK for Jiri Janak "I am really satisfied with the outcome of the qualifying today", the Czech was happy after the qualifying session. "Starting position eight is the best result this season so far. I was a little bit surprised about it, because it was not a perfect lap and I expected an improvement in my second attempt. Unfortunately it started to rain then", the Schnabl Engineering pilot described the course of the session. "Because of the circumstances we could save a fresh set of tyres for tomorrow. I am really looking forward to the race."

The good mood of the Czech turned into disappointment on Sunday. "It was really difficult today", the 24-years-old said about the conditions on the 5.141 kilometres long Silverstone Circuit. Heavy rain had turned the demanding race track into really slippery circuit. "Caused by an accident the safety-car came out after the start. At the restart everything went fine for me, but it was difficult to keep the car on the track. Later on I had a collision with another competitor. I spun off the track and retired from the race. What a shame. My hopes were high after the good result in the qualifying."

The weekend started really good for Darryl O'Young. With a superb performance on Friday he managed to rank fourth in the free session and with that had his best result ever in his personal Supercup history. Being a lucky man on Friday, Darryl O'Young had bad luck in the Qualifying on Saturday. "I am really disappointed", he commented starting position 21. "When I was out for my first attempt, someone in front of me warmed up his tyres and destroyed my lap. After that it started to rain and I had to settle with the bad lap of my first try", so the Schnabl Engineering pilot. "Grid position 21 is a bad premise for the race tomorrow, but I will fight for a good result."

The bad luck for the man from Hong Kong continued also on Sunday. "Right after the start there was a collision in front of me. Because of the heavy spray in the rain I couldn't see anything and I hit one of the cars and also my car got a hit in the back, because the following driver had the same problem", the Schnabl Engineering pilot said. "At least it was a disappointing weekend in England."

"Another weekend for our team to forget about", Sven Schnabl draws a balance of the 7th round of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup in Silverstone. "After the good result from Jiri Janak in the Qualifying, we expected a more successful Sunday.

He had a good performance in the race too, but unfortunately he got a hit in the back of his car and ended up in the gravel", the team manager says. "Darryl O'Young was out already after one lap. He had no chance to avoid the accident. Driving in the spray of the cars in front of him, he didn't realize what happened in front of him. I hope we will have a better weekend at our home GP in Hockenheim."

Pos. Driver Team Time
1. Sean Edwards Konrad Motorsport 25:15.111
2. Danny Watts SAS-Lechner Racing + 0.935
3. Stefan Rosina Lechner Racing Bahrain + 4.578
4. James Sutton VELTINS MRS Racing + 13.346
5. Sebastiaan Bleekemolen Bleekemolen Race Planet + 15.660
6. Marco Holzer UPS Porsche Junior Team + 16.260
7. Sam Hancock tolimit + 17.462
8. Norbert Siedler VELTINS MRS Racing + 18.143
9. Alessandro Zampedri Lechner Racing Bahrain + 18.640
10. Tim Harvey Porsche Cars Great Britain + 20.036
11. Jocke Mangs tolimit + 24.704
12. Marc Benz SPS automotive-performance + 25.213
13. Tim Buijs Bleekemolen Race Planet + 27.909
14. Jeroen Bleekemolen Jetstream Motorsport + 28.143
15. Nicolas Armindo tolimit + 38.702
16. Simon Frederiks HSF Porsche Eindhoven + 46.492
17. Nemunas Dagilis SPS automotive-performance + 1:15.909
18. Lucas Guerrero Jetstream Motorsport + 1 Lap
19. David Saelens IRWIN Racing + 3 Laps
20. Paul van Splunteren HSF Porsche Eindhoven + 3 Laps
21. Jan Seyffarth Konrad Motorsport + 4 Laps
22. Jiri Janak Schnabl Engineering + 5 Laps
23. Chris Mamerow DAMAC Kadach Racing + 5 Laps
24. Jaap van Lagen DAMAC Kadach Racing + 7 Laps
25. Damien Faulkner SAS-Lechner Racing + 9 Laps

Not Classified

- Martin Ragginger UPS Porsche Junior Team
- Patrick Huisman IRWIN Racing
- James Pickford Racing Team Jetstream
- Darryl O'Young Schnabl Engineering
- Pedro Petiz Racing Team Jetstream

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