PSC: Another TOP-10 Finish for Schnabl Engineering


At very hot temperatures about 30°C at the 9th round of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup in Budapest, Team Schnabl Engineering claimed a good result once again. While Darryl O'Young went trough a difficult weekend, finishing 23rd in the race, guest driver Jörg Hardt, who substituted Jiri Janak, had a brilliant race and in the end crossed the line on rank nine.

Already the Saturday on the 4.381 kilometres long and very demanding Hungaroring took a difficult course for Darryl O'Young. "I am very disappointed, because I expected a much better result", commented Darryl O'Young on position 24 after the qualifying. "My first attempt for a good lap time was not bad and brought me up to 15th position, but with my second try on a fresh set of tyres it went fairly bad for me. I miss-braked and lost some tenth of a second, and in the remaining time of the session I had no chance to improve. All I can do is to hope for a better result in the race."

The Schnabl Engineering Pilot from Hong Kong performed good in the race on Sunday, but spun after he was hit by another competitor, dropped back and finally finished the race on rank 23. "The race today was OK. But even in the back field the Supercup it is very competitive matter. I had some tough fights for the positions and could improve, but in the end I got a hit from William Langhorne and spun off. At least it was not a bad race for me, but of course the result is not what I expected from the weekend here in Budapest", Darryl O'Young says. "I really hope to have a better time at the next race for the Supercup on the street circuit in Valencia."

In Budapest the second Porsche GT3 of the Team Schnabl Engineering was driven by the German Jörg Hardt. "I have received a message from Jiri Janak's environment at the beginning of the week, that his sponsor withdraws his engagement in the Supercup and therefore Jiri Janak could not be at the Start in Budapest", team manager Sven Schnabl explains. Hardt, who substituted Janak in Hungary, and who already drove for Schnabl Engineering in the German Carrera Cup in 2003 and 2006, had a great performance all over the weekend. "My last start in the Supercup was in 2004, but the series has become a very tough championship and so I was a little bit surprised about the 13th position after the Qualifying", the German shone after the session on Saturday.

One day later, Jörg Hardt could improve once again. After a brilliant drive the 27-years-old finished on ninth rank and with that saved some valuable points for the team standings of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup. "It was a good race for me, although I had some problems with the car. The Setup was very good, but after about six laps I run into trouble with the clutch and could not shift down like I was used to do", says Jörg Hardt. "Nevertheless, I am very satisfied claiming a Top-10 result in my first race after such a long break in the Supercup. Thanks to the Team for the superb car and for the chance to participated here in Budapest."

"It's was a satisfying weekend for our team, because with eighth rank we finally claimed our best result in the Supercup this season", Sven Schnabl summarized the Budapest race. "I am really sorry for Darryl, who performed well in the race, but than was hit by another competitor, spun and dropped back again. It would be very helpful for him in the next races, to achieve some better positions in the qualifying."

Race Porsche Supercup (Budapest, 03.08.08)

Pos. Driver Team Time
1. Damien Faulkner SAS-Lechner Racing 26:14.060
2. Jeroen Bleekemolen Jetstream Motorsport + 0.928
3. Patrick Huisman IRWIN Racing + 7.689
4. Danny Watts SAS-Lechner Racing + 9.063
5. David Saelens IRWIN Racing + 11.798
6. Marco Holzer UPS Porsche Junior Team + 12.286
7. Lance Arnold David SPS automotive-performance + 14.156
8. René Rast Veltins MRS Racing + 14.538
9. Jörg Hardt Schnabl Engineering + 17.671
10. Chris Mamerow DAMAC Kadach Racing + 21.259
11. Mike Verschuur HSF Porsche Eindhoven + 21.620
12. Alessandro Zampedri Lechner Racing Bahrain + 22.350
13. Pedro Petiz Racing Team Jetstream + 28.868
14. Sebastiaan Bleekemolen Bleekemolen Race Planet + 31.974
15. Jocke Mangs tolimit + 32.698
16. Nicolas Armindo tolimit + 33.134
17. Jan Seyffarth Konrad Motorsport + 33.558
18. William Langhorne Veltins MRS Racing + 35.728
19. Lucas Guerrero Jetstream Motorsport + 37.993
20. Michael Bleekemolen Racing Team Jetstream + 40.963
21. Simon Frederiks HSF Porsche Eindhoven + 41.265
22. Tim Buijs Bleekemolen Race Planet + 41.594
23. Darryl O' Young Schnabl Engineering + 42.746
24. Norbert Siedler Veltins MRS Racing + 46.636
25. Jaap van Lagen DAMAC Kadach Racing + 6 Laps
26. Marc Benz SPS automotive-performance + 8 Laps
27. Sean Edwards Konrad Motorsport + 11 Laps
28. Stefan Rosina Lechner Racing Bahrain + 12 Laps
- Martin Ragginger UPS Porsche Junior Team

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