Place 11 and 17 of Supercup-Finale in Spa


Recent weekend the final round of the Porsche Mobil1 Supercup was held at Spa-Francorchamps. In the framework of the F1 Grand Prix of Belgium the drivers of Team Schnabl Engineering - LKM - Team Jebsen reached positions 11 and 17. "All told I am content with the final race", team head Schnabl said. "Due to the guest starters in front of us, we actually took positions nine and 14, which is a placably result to us."

Like the whole season, Spa proved once again the high competition of the Porsche Supercup grid. "Similiar to the Porsche Carrera Cup the slightest mistake can make you lose plenty of positions. If you fail in a sector, you are thrown back to the grids' end quickly", Schnabl knew.

What was indicated in 2006, became fact this year. Competition has grown a lot and the 6.793 kilometres long track of Spa demanded important experience. "Overtaking in the highspeed passages is extremely difficult. It is a thin line between finishing and dropping out!"

Nevertheless Jiri Janak improved from starting rank 15 to place eleven in the race, proving his potential. Darryl O'Young too, showed a great race and had a lot of fights: "I had nice and hard duels. But everthing was really fair. My door was hit a few times and there are indeed a few damages but that's no deal. In the middle of the grid it was a tough race and there were numerous skirmishes." Asked for the track at Spa, Darryl O'Young said: "My favourite track. I love it!"

The next races for the team will be those of the Porsche Carrera Cup at Barcelona and Hockenheim. Afterwards one begins planning season 2008. Moreover team head Sven Schnabl will take care of the technical support during the last three races of the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia, where Darryl O'Young is going to start. The Cup will be held in the framework of the F1 Grand Prix of Shanghai at 7th October and at Zhuhai (CHI) respectively Macau in November.

11. Lauf Porsche Supercup in Spa (16.09.07)
1. Patrick Huisman, Konrad Motorsport 27:19.724
2. Jeroen Bleekemolen Golden Spike Pertamina Indonesia RT 27:21.236 + 0:01.512
3. Damien Faulkner Lechner Racing Team Bahrain 27:23.022 + 0:03.298
4. David Saelens Team IRWIN SAS 27:27.132 + 0:07.408
5. Martin Ragginger ups porsche Junior Team 27:27.333 + 0:07.609
6. Richard Westbrook HISAQ Competition 27:27.358 + 0:07.634
7. Olivier Maximin MRS Team PZ Aschaffenburg 27:34.512 + 0:14.788
8. Richard Williams Racing Team Indonesia 27:37.012 + 0:17.288
9. Phil Quaife Racing Team Indonesia 27:41.635 + 0:21.911
10. Lance David Arnold ups porsche Junior Team 27:41.915 + 0:22.191
11. Jiri Janak Schnabl Engineering LKM Team Jebsen 27:42.214 + 0:22.490
12. Marc Hynes Team IRWIN SAS 27:48.018 + 0:28.294
13. Uwe Alzen SPS automotive performance 27:48.535 + 0:28.811
14. Christian Menzel tolimit motorsport 27:54.901 + 0:35.177
15. William Langhorne MRS Team PZ Aschaffenburg 27:55.564 + 0:35.840
16. Altfrid Heger Porsche AG 27:57.410 + 0:37.686
17. Darryl O'Young Schnabl Engineering LKM Team Jebsen 28:00.473 + 0:40.749
18. Mikael Forsten Lechner Racing School 28:03.117 + 0:43.393
19. Markus Palttala Konrad Motorsport 28:03.148 + 0:43.424
20. Marc Benz SPS automotive performance 28:10.381 + 0:50.657
21. Jürgen van Hover Bongou/Speedlover/Duindistel 28:16.376 + 0:56.652
22. Simon Frederiks HSF Porsche Eindhoven 28:41.906 + 1:22.182
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