4th Round Porsche Carrera Cup – Norisring/Nürnberg Birthday’s podium for Schnabl Engineering


With the third podium within four rounds of the Porsche Carrera Cup, team manager Sven Schnabl on his 41st birthday had an additional reason to celebrate at the Norisring in Nürnberg. In front of 132.000 spectators Martin Ragginger fetched third rank and improved to third in the driver standings. Stefan Wendt and Hannes Plesse finished on eleventh and twelfth.

"Basically I am satisfied with you all about the race weekend” team manager Sven Schnabl says to his team in the context of a small, improvised celebration after the chequered flag. He raises his glass on third rank, which his driver Martin Ragginger has fetched a few minutes before. "First and foremost the performance of the complete team can’t be honoured enough after a couple of nightshifts that were due, when the car of Stefan Wendt had to be rebuild completely within only 24 hours after his accident at the test in Oscherleben”, Schnabl praises the dedication of his team. The test drive in Oschersleben, the works to rebuild the Wendt-Carrera in addition with the normal preparations for the race in Nürnberg left their traces. “There is surely a more relaxed way one can celebrate his birthday”, Schnabl with a smile in his face looks back to the past days.

With a third rank in the qualifying, his pilot Martin Ragginger congratulates in the manner of a real race driver. “However, although I was a little disappointed on Saturday because I missed to clinch the first pole in my career, I am really satisfied about the progress we are going through since the start of the season”, the only 22-year-old Austrian alludes to the fact that the team as well as the driver continuously improved the performance in the qualifying. “It was exactly this progress, on which we could build on at the Norisring race.” Ragginger started from the second row of the grid, keeping permanent contact to Nicolas Armindo and Uwe Alzen on positions one and two. “Without my problem with the gearbox I even would have been able to attack them and to fight for a victory”, he says and explains that it was hard to shift into fourth gear, what cost some hundreds of a second each time. Finishing third – the third time within four races – Martin Ragginger also improves to third rank in the driver standings. Now the former Porsche-Junior is only 15 points away from championship leader Armindo.

His two team mates Stefan Wendt and Hannes Plesse finished on ranks eleven and twelve on the bumpy street circuit in Nürnberg. “Somehow I always was at the wrong place at the wrong time", Stefan Wendt works out his personal chapter of bad luck. "Whenever I had decided in favour of a side at a passing manoeuvre, the rivals in front of me decided to start a fight in the same place. So I had to start right from the beginning again.” Team manager Sven Schnabl agrees with him. “Stefan was beaten below value today; he simply had some bad luck.”  Nevertheless, Schnabl draws one positive conclusion from the race of the rookie. “Everything with the rebuild car went fine and without a single failure and also Stefan has got very well over the accident."

Hannes Plesse was less satisfied with the race weekend in the "Franconian Monte Carlo". “It went really promising in the free practice”, he remembers positions four and five on Friday with pleasure. "However, I didn’t manage to do a reasonable lap and ended up with 15th position in the starting grid. Perhaps I pushed to hard”, he says. "We will thoroughly analyse his problem now”, team manager Schnabl makes clear that there is a need for action. “Also in the race Hannes was beaten under value.” Finishing twelfth after the 35 laps Plesse fetched four points and ranks twelfth in the driver standings so far. “At least a little bit”, he draws a balance of the fourth round of the year. “With such a strong competition in the Carrera Cup, it’s tough to improve if you stuck in the midfield”, the 26-year-old has to admit.

The next round of the German Porsche Carrera Cup takes place at the Nürburgring from August 6th to 8th.

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