2nd round Porsche Carrera Cup - Valencia (ESP) Mixed emotions


With positions eight and ten for Stefan Wendt and Hannes Plesse, but also with the retirement of Martin Ragginger – third ranking driver at the season opener in Hockenheim – Schnabl Engineering returns home from the 2nd round of the Porsche Carrera Cup at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia. Stefan Wendt best Rookie of the weekend. Martin Ragginger involved in an accident without own blame.

“We will go back home with mixed emotions”, team manager Sven Schnabl draws a balance of the first race of the Porsche Carrera Cup outside Germany. “On the one hand I am very pleased about the good performance of Stefan Wendt, who exceeded my expectations; on the other hand we had some bad luck with a silly accident that let Martin Ragginger retire from the race.

With that the team owner from Germany alludes to an incident in the third lap. Ragginger just battled with Christian Engelhart and Uwe Alzen for a podium position, when Alzen slowed down all of a sudden. “I almost stalled the engine”, the two-fold Carrera Cup champion after the race comments on the fact that he pushed the button for the 60 km/h speed-limiter - normally used in the pit lane – by accident. Due to the sudden slow-down Alzen provided a chain reaction. Engelhart and Ragginger, who both were close behind him couldn’t avoid the impact and hit each other. “I was totally surprised and had no chance to prevent the contact”, said the 22-year-old Austrian, who was only centimetres behind in Engelhart’s Slipstream. “My Schnabl-Porsche was prepared perfectly and was good enough for another podium finish”, Ragginger, who lost third rank in the driver standings, commented the incident with disappointment.

“I am simply satisfied”, shines the only 20-year-old Stefan Wendt, who as rookie competes in his first Carrera Cup season. “Rank eight is quite good, even if it could have gone better. When I made a little mistake, I was already on fourth position.” He took the entry of the first corner of the 4.005 Kilometres long circuit a little to fast. “I lost the car and went through the gravel trap. With dirty tyres I then had problems to keep the pace with the top.” Despite the mistake his team boss was more than satisfied. “Definitely yes! It was a strong performance that waits to be continued.”

Bad luck for Hannes Plesse - the third Schnabl-Engineering-Pilot, continued also this weekend. “It’s my own fault. I lost my car in the qualifying and ended up in the gravel trap“, he reported. “After a check of the brakes we found out, that we had too much hydraulic pressure on the rear axle of the car. After changing the brakes, the problem was solved and Hannes Plesse could at least make a hunt through the field up to tenth rank in the race. “A result cutting our losses and that was all we could do, having no traction at the exit of the curves.” Team manager Sven Schnabl: “Hannes can do better than he was able to show. I am convinced, that he will prove this in the next rounds of the season.”

The next round of the Porsche Carrera Cup will take place at the EuroSpeedway near Dresden from June, 4th to 6th.

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