Great 4th rank for Schnabl Engineering in PCC at Norisring


The 5th round of the Porsche Carrera Cup was held at Norisring. The track situated in the center of Nürnberg attracted more than 140.000 spectators. Schnabl Engineering EMC PZ Koblenz started with three Porsches.

The guest appearance of ex DTM driver Marcel Fässler had to be canceled, due to high water in Switzerland. "Fässler's living room was flooded to 1,30 metres", explained teamchef Sven Schnabl. So one quickly changed the driver combination and asked the former DTM- and STW-manufacturere driver Jörg van Ommen to take a seat in the Porsche. He already started at Oschersleben, where he convinced with rank 16.

Besides van Ommen Pierre Kaffer and Jiri Janak took the challenge on the 2,3 kilometres long track. In free practice Kaffer and Janak proved their qualities immediately. "Positions in practice are not much important", knew Sven Schnabl on friday evening, "but it shows that we are on the right way."

This was proved in qualifying on saturday. Janak reached top ten by placing nineth, Kaffer classified twelfth and van Ommen 13th. "A great team result", was the common view. So all three pilots would have been able to take part in the so called shoot out mode. But due to an accident of frenchman Armindo the regulation-change of a 30 minute session became effective.

Schnabl Engineering EMC PZ Koblenz was optimistic for the race on sunday morning. Full grandstands, sunny weather were perfect surroundings for the race, but unfortunately there was no happy end for Kaffer and van Ommen. It was Kaffer of all people who was involved in a collision in lap 2. He was spun around and hit by mischance in the Porsche of van Ommen.

Besides both could rejoin the race but a proper result was not possible any more. Van Ommen partly was classified 16th, until a slowing punture forced him into pits, which meant a non classified 34th rank in the very end. Kaffer was not classified either on rank 30.

The more pleasant was Janak's performance. The czech, who starts for Schnabl Engineering LKM Team Jebsen in the Porsche Supercup too, did a great job, which made teamchef Schnabl congratulate effusively: "This was brilliant. Jiri drove an ingenious race. Hats off!" Placing fourth he missed podium closely, but managed to keep championshipleader Richrad Westbrook at bay. In doing so Janak reached best season result for the team from Butzbach.

Sven Schnabl after the race: "Congratulations again to Jiri Janak. But unfortunately his teammates were not that lucky. It does not happen often that just two cars of a team are involved in one and the same crash. None of them is to blame. That's simply bad luck! We were well-prepared and I guess that all drivers could have had chances for the top ten. Niclas Armido, who was behind Jörg, finally placed tenth. But maybe there will be an improvement next time.*

The next round of the Porsche Carrera Cup will be held in the Netherlands. Zandvoort will be venue of the 6th race on 27th to 29th July. Before the team will race in the Porsche Supercup on 1st July at Magny Cours (F). Here Darryl O'Young and Jiri Janak are heading for victory.

Porsche Carrera Cup 2007 - Qualifying Norisring (23th June 2007)
Pos Driver Car Time Gap
1 Uwe Alzen (GER) HP Team Herberth 0:52.884 00:00.000
2 Chris Mamerow (GER) Mamerow Racing 0:53.110 00:00.226
3 Christian Menzel (GER) tolimit 0:53.279 00:00.395
4 Adam Lacko (CZE) Farnbacher Racing 0:53.292 00:00.408
5 Martin Ragginger (AUT) UPS Porsche Junior Team 0:53.324 00:00.440
6 Jörg Hardt (GER) Farnbacher Racing 0:53.328 00:00.444
7 Robert Renauer (GER) Eichin Racing 0:53.396 00:00.512
8 Rene Rast (GER) MRS-Team 0:53.396 00:00.512
9 Jiri Janak (CZE) Schnabl Engineering-EMC 0:53.427 00:00.543
10 Oliver Pla (FRA) MRS-Team 0:53.581 00:00.697
11 Florian Gruber (GER) HP Team Herberth 0:53.606 00:00.722
12 Pierre Kaffer (GER) Schnabl Engineering-EMC 0:53.609 00:00.725
13 Jörg van Ommen (GER) Schnabl Engineering-EMC 0:53.615 00:00.731
14 Lance David Arnold (GER) UPS Porsche Junior Team 0:53.647 00:00.763
15 Thomas Jäger (GER) rhino's Wieth Racing 0:53.726 00:00.842
16 Jan Seyffarth (GER) SMS Seyffarth-Motorsport 0:53.744 00:00.860
17 Pascal Kochem (GER) Eichin Racing 0:53.805 00:00.921
18 Hannes Neuhauser (AUS) Mamerow Racing 0:53.918 00:01.034
19 Hannes Plesse (GER) tolimit inventure 0:54.049 00:01.165
20 Marcel Leipert (GER) rhino's Wieth Racing 0:54.053 00:01.169
21 Niclas Kentenich (GER) Car Salon 0:54.058 00:01.174
22 Richard Westbrook (GBR) ARAXA Racing 0:54.098 00:01.214
23 Manfred Ahlden (GER) Car Salon 0:54.190 00:01.306
24 Martin Brückl (AUT) B.E.M. Brückl Motorsport 0:54.258 00:01.374
25 Stephanie Halm (GER) tolimit inventure 0:54.448 00:01.564
26 Michael Frey (GER) ARAXA Racing 0:54.487 00:01.603
27 Robert Lukas (POL) Fuchs-Star-Moto Racing 0:54.670 00:01.786
28 Max Stanco (POL) Fuchs-Star-Moto Racing 0:54.694 00:01.810
29 Philipp Wlazik (GER) Hermes Attempto Racing 0:54.734 00:01.850
30 Oleg Kesselman (RUS) Land-Motorsport 0:54.816 00:01.932
31 Jiri Micanek jr. (CZE) Micanek Motorsport 0:55.069 00:02.185
32 Michael Raja (GER) SMS Seyffarth-Motorsport 0:55.296 00:02.412
33 Arkin Aka (GER) Hermes Attempto Racing 0:55.698 00:02.814
34 Vladimir Hladik (CZE) Micanek Motorsport 0:55.747 00:02.863
35 Bajerlein Bartosz (POL) Fuchs-Star-Moto Racing 0:56.084 00:03.200
36 Arnold Wagner (GER) B.E.M. Brückl Motorsport 0:56.192 00:03.308
37 Hermann Speck (GER) Land-Motorsport 0:56.249 00:03.365
38 Armindo Nicolas (FRA) tolimit 1:02.355 00:09.471

Porsche Carrera Cup 2007 - Race Norisring (24th June 2007)
Pos Driver Car Time Gap
1 Christian Menzel (GER) tolimit 33:30.659 00:00.000
2 Jörg Hardt (GER) Farnbacher Racing 33:32.597 00:01.938
3 Chris Mamerow (GER) Mamerow Racing 33:34.720 00:04.061
4 Jiri Janak (CZE) Schnabl Engineering-EMC 33:38.064 00:07.405
5 Richard Westbrook (GBR) ARAXA Racing 33:38.468 00:07.809
6 Adam Lacko (CZE) Farnbacher Racing 33:42.835 00:12.176
7 Thomas Jäger (GER) rhino's Wieth Racing 33:43.795 00:13.136
8 Lance David Arnold (GER) UPS Porsche Junior Team 33:44.139 00:13.480
9 Jan Seyffarth (GER) SMS Seyffarth-Motorsport 33:45.148 00:14.489
10 Nicolas Armindo (FRA) tolimit 33:46.875 00:16.216
11 Pascal Kochem (GER) Eichin Racing 33:47.396 00:16.737
12 Robert Renauer (GER) Eichin Racing 33:47.904 00:17.245
13 Michael Frey (GER) ARAXA Racing 33:48.226 00:17.567
14 Hannes Neuhauser (AUS) Mamerow Racing 33:51.829 00:21.170
15 Uwe Alzen (GER) HP Team Herberth 33:57.077 00:26.418
16 Stephanie Halm (GER) tolimit inventure 33:57.163 00:26.504
17 Manfred Ahlden (GER) Car Salon 33:59.482 00:28.823
18 Florian Gruber (GER) HP Team Herberth 33:59.628 00:28.969
19 Robert Lukas (POL) Fuchs-Star-Moto Racing 34:01.357 00:30.698
20 Oleg Kesselman (RUS) Land-Motorsport 34:01.689 00:31.030
21 Michael Raja (GER)&

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