Good performace of Schnabl Engineering was not rewarded


During the 9th round of the Porsche-Mobil1-Supercup in the framework of the Formula 1-Grand Prix of Turkey the pilots of Team Schnabl Engineering - LKM - Team Jebsen managed positions 13 and 15. But a time panalty after the event changed classification...!

The 5.338 kilometres long circuit was virgin soil for the team of Sven Schnabl. So the drivers seized free practice in order to find the right setup for their Porsches 997. Results were secondary and one concentrated on qualifying
Here Jiri Jank was quick indeed. Placing eighth he convinced completely. For a long time he was in second rank but finally dropped back a few positions. He tried a fast lap with new tyres again but did not find a free lap and decided to save his tyres for the race. "Rank two was possible today", teamchef Schnabl said afterwards.

Not that good was the performance of Darryl O'Young from Hong Kong. "We can not be happy with his result. He is lacking engine power on the long straight. He was not able to do better. Testing at Spa a few weeks ago went off without a hitch and now we have these undefinable problems again. We are going to give the engine to Porsche in order to analyze the trouble. Then we will see..." O'Young took only rank 20, though ranks three to 20 were within of only one second - a proof for the high level of the grid.

On saturday evening one got a new engine from Porsche for Darryl O'Young, which could be used for the race. After a good start he improved quickly to place 17 and finally reached a good 15 rank. "I had many hard fights this time. I could win a few, other ones I lost, which made me lose positions", O'Young said. "The bad qualifying result made race not easier. There is a lot to do for the last two races in order to manage better results in my first season."

Jiri Janak had a good start too. He was in seventh positions and was able to overtake Christian Menzel. But the latter conter-attacked which lead to a collision, just during a shifting action of Janak. The Czech missed the right gear and shifted into second gear instead of third. In the following he got shifting problems and lever did not shift to neutral. Menzel and Marc Hynes went through and headed away. Janak managed to reduce the gap again and finally set Hynes under pressure again. Hynes made a small mistake and Janak just tried to overtake, when suddenly the following Zampedri pushed Janak into the car of Hynes. 300 metres to finish line Janak's Porsche was damaged but he rescued his car over the line on rank 13 in the end.

Race was over but discussion began. Zampedri reached rank seven and Hynes rank twelve. Janak being victim of the incident got a time penalty of 20 seconds which threw him back into 20th position! The team did without an appeal, but did not agree to the penalty in any way. "Jiri had a very tough race and finally was even panalized. I can not understand that", Schabel stated. "We get involved in an accident only 300 metres before finish and get a penalty afterwards. Without the attack of Zampedri Janak would have taken rank seven or eight. Now there is only place 20 and that is not OK!" The team accepted the penalty but travelled home with mixed feelings.

There will be not much time for a break. The coming up weekend the next round of the Porsche Carrera Cup is ready to go at Nürburgring. Afterwards the 10th round of the Porsche Supercup at Monza is to come soon too.

Porsche Supercup Istanbul (26.08.07)
1. Jeroen Bleekemolen (NL) Golden Spike Pertamina Indonesia
2. Damien Faulkner (IR) Lechner Racing Team Bahrain, 1.018
3. Uwe Alzen (D) SPS performance, 5.227
4. Richard Westbrook (GB) HISAQ® Competition 9.355
5. Stefan Rosina (SK) Lechner Racing School Team 10.607
6. Christian Menzel (D), tolimit 20.024
7. Alessandro Zampedri (I) Lechner Racing Team Bahrain 23.059
8. Olivier Maximin (F) MRS-Team PZ Aschaffenburg 24.014
9. William Langhorne (USA) MRS-Team PZ Aschaffenburg 25.860
10. Phil Quaife (GB) Racing Team Indonesia PZ Essen 27.866
11. Marc Basseng (D) HISAQ® Competition, 30.600
12. Marc Hynes (GB) Team IRWIN SAS, 31.296
13. Sebastiaan Bleekemolen (NL) Bleekemolen Race Planet PZ Essen 33.683
14. Patrick Huisman (NL ) Konrad Motorsport, 35.558
15. Darryl O'Young (HK) Schnabl Engineering-LKM-Team Jebsen 37.470
16. Mikael Forsten (FI) Konrad Motorsport 45.478
17. Paul van Splunteren (NL) HSF/Porsche Centrum Eindhoven 45.986
18. Simon Frederiks (NL), HSF/Porsche Centrum Eindhoven 46.430
19. Alexandre Negrão (BR) MRS-Team PZ Aschaffenburg 48.404
20. Jiri Janak (CZ), Schnabl Engineering-LKM-Team Jebsen 52.018
21. Andzej Dzikevic (LT), SPS performance DNF
22. Emilio de Villota (E) Konrad Motorsport DNF
not classified
David Saelens (B) Team IRWIN SAS
Jaap van Lagen (NL) Bleekemolen Race Planet PZ Essen
Richard Williams (GB) Racing Team Indonesia PZ Essen
Nicolas Armindo (F) tolimit
Christian Jones (AU) Golden Spike Pertamina Indonesia

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