Good final for Team Schnabl Engineering -EMC- PZ Koblenz


It was a good final for Team Schnabl Engineering -EMC- PZ Koblenz on 14th October 2007 during the Porsche Carrera Cup at Hockenheim. One ended the season with ranks 10, 12 and 27. Sunny weather and temperatures of 18°C provided perfect surroundings for the 36 pilotes during the final round of the season, in which Uwe Alzen took championship in the end. In lap two it was frenchman Olivier Pla, who had an engine failure and left oil on track. Marcel Fässler from Schnabl Engineering - EMC - PZ Koblenz was the unlucky fellow driving right behind Pla and getting the oil on his front window. This forced him into pits in order to clean it. Classified last he rejoined the race and caught up to rank 27 finally. "After the pitstop, strategy had no use any longer for Marcel. I think he could have reached positions 12 to 15 and this during his first Cup start at all", stated teamhead Sven Schnabl.

A lot better ex DTM driver Pierre Kaffer came along. In free practice he convinced with rank 10 and 8. In qualifying he managed place 13. Infront of 152.000 spectaors he had a good start for the race and was able to keep the pace of the top. Due to the shortened race distance after a safety car period more than rank ten was not possible in the end.

Jiria Janak had a similar race. He even was slightly quicker than Kaffer, but did not want to risk too much as he was right behind his teammate. Behind Kaffer there was a tricky moment in the race, but Janak drew back because he did not want to endanger a good team result. This incident seized Lance-David Arnold putting himself between Kaffer and Janak. And so Janak finally saw chequered flag on position 12 and took rank 8 in championship.

Sven Schnabl talking about the race eand the season: "The last round was representative for the whole season. We were fast, but not that fast as we imagined. Rank 8 and 12 in championship are too little and have to be improved next year.

Season is not completely over for Sven Schnabl. Together with Darryl O'Young he will compete the last two races of the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia on 03./04. November at Zhuhai and 17./18. November at Macau!

Race Results Hockenheim 14th October

1. Chris Mamerow Mamerow Racing 35:07.064
2. Uwe Alzen HP Team Herberth 35:11.192 00:04.128
3. Nicolas Armindo (FRA) tolimit 35:13.771 00:06.707
4. Richard Westbrook (GBR) ARAXA Racing 35:15.789 00:08.725
5. Rene Rast MRS-Team 35:16.855 00:09.791
6. Martin Ragginger (AUT) UPS Porsche Junior Team 35:17.515 00:10.451
7. Robert Renauer Eichin Racing 35:20.699 00:13.635
8. Philipp Wlazik Hermes Attempto Racing 35:25.687 00:18.623
9. Florian Gruber HP Team Herberth 35:26.205 00:19.141
10. Pierre Kaffer Schnabl Engineering -EMC- PZ Koblenz 35:26.935 00:19.871
11. Lance David Arnold UPS Porsche Junior Team 35:27.123 00:20.059
12. Jiri Janak (CZE) Schnabl Engineering -EMC- PZ Koblenz 35:27.577 00:20.513
13. Thomas Jäger rhino's Wieth Racing 35:30.328 00:23.264
14. Jan Seyffarth SMS Seyffarth-Motorsport 35:30.630 00:23.566
15. Christian Menzel tolimit 35:31.567 00:24.503
16. Pascal Kochem Eichin Racing 35:32.285 00:25.221
17. Niclas Kentenich Farnbacher Racing 35:36.198 00:29.134
18. Marcel Leipert rhino's Wieth Racing 35:37.502 00:30.438
19. Robert Lukas (POL) Fuchs-Star-Moto Racing 35:41.836 00:34.772
20. Stephanie Halm tolimit inventure 35:43.636 00:36.572
21. Hannes Plesse tolimit inventure 35:44.001 00:36.937
22. Patrick Hirsch Land-Motorsport 35:44.672 00:37.608
23. Jiri Micanek jr. (CZE) Micanek Motorsport 35:47.990 00:40.926
24. Alexander Roloff Car Salon 35:48.509 00:41.445
25. Oliver Mayer Mamerow Racing 35:55.571 00:48.507
26. Max Stanco (POL) Fuchs-Star-Moto Racing 35:56.085 00:49.021
27. Marcel Fässler Schnabl Engineering -EMC- PZ Koblenz 35:58.466 00:51.402
28. Jörg Peham tolimit 36:01.999 00:54.935
29. Florian Scholze Land-Motorsport 36:04.932 00:57.868
30. Oleg Kesselman (RUS) Land-Motorsport 36:14.697 01:07.633
31. Manfred Ahlden Car Salon 36:15.016 01:07.952
32. Arnold Wagner B.E.M. Brückl Motorsport 36:24.099 01:17.035
33. Vladimir Hladik (CZE) Micanek Motorsport 36:31.802 01:24.738
34. Arkin Aka Hermes Attempto Racing 36:37.878 01:30.814
35. Michael Frey ARAXA Racing 5 laps
36. Oliver Pla (FRA) MRS-Team out

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