Drop out for Jiri Janak on rank two


No luck in race for the Schnabl Engineering - LKM - Team Jebsen during the 5th round of the Porsche Supercup at Magny Cours. In the race held in the framework of the F1 Grand Prix of France Jiri Janak already was on second place when suddenly an accident stopped him...
After a brilliant Qualifying Janak and his team around teamchef Sven Schnabl were optimistic for the race on the 4.411 kilometres long circuit. "Rank five is a good result. This showes that our testing days here paid off. Jiri was quick and confirmed the uptrend!"
More problematic was the matter with Darryl O'Young. The first Supercup pilot from Hong Kong was fast too, but ignored a command from the race direction. Therfore his times were discarded and he was forced to start the race from behind. "The penalty is controversial and indeed hard", stated teamchef Schnabl, "but we accept it and try to make the best out of it."
Race started on sunday mornig. Track was wet and being a fact which proved to be decisive for the race distance.
The team decided that Janak should drive on rain tyres, while O'Young should go out with slicks. "We had nothing to loose. So we took the risk", said Schnabl.

Throughout the race one had to acknowledge that the track did not dry in any way. On the contrary, the circuit got more and more slippy. Many cars missed their braking points and conditions became more difficult.

Jiri Janak had a perfect start and chased race leader Uwe Alzen. "Everything worked fantastic. I even could keep the pace of Alzen", so Janak. but in the fifth lap Jeroen Bleekemolen and the Schnabl pilot had an accident. "During the collision Bleekemolen broke Jiri's tyre valve and then he crashed into the barrier", explained Schnabl. A position on podium was in reach for the first time of the season, especially since the race direction ended the race ahead of time due to the weather conditions.

The slick tyre choice of Darryl O'Young did not pay off too. "Actually we expected the track to dry quicker, then we would have had an advantage", said O'Young. And Schnabl added: "With a little bit of luck, we could have done better with slicks. Unfortunately our plan failed. He was really without chances on the slippy track."

But the teamchefs' conclusion was positiv anyhow: "A drop out on rank two is really hard. But we were quick and our pace was right. Qualifying proves that we made a step forward again. Daryl too was quick and the penalty hard. But als discussion is a moot point. When tactic does not work, one can not be happy."

In only five days the next event is ready to go. On friday the next round of the Supercup is held at Silverstone (GB). In the framework of the british Grand Prix the sixth race is ready to go on 8th July.

Results 5th round Porsche Supercup Magny Cours
1. SPS automotive performance 22:06.292
2. Nicolas Armindo tolimit motorsport + 0:13.484
3. Richard Westbrook HISAQ Competition + 0:13.842
4. Olivier Maximin MRS Team PZ Aschaffenburg + 0:14.577
5. Alessandro Zampedri Lechner Racing Team Bahrain + 0:16.176
6. Damien Faulkner Lechner Racing Team Bahrain + 0:20.885
7. Martin Ragginger ups porsche Junior Team + 0:24.314
8. Marc Hynes Team IRWIN SAS + 0:27.493
9. Patrick Huisman Konrad Motorsport + 0:28.235
10. Richard Williams Racing Team Indonesia + 0:34.624
11. William Langhorne MRS Team PZ Aschaffenburg + 0:35.198
12. David Saelens Team IRWIN SAS + 0:36.248
13. Phil Quaife Racing Team Indonesia + 0:40.658
14. Emilio de Villota Konrad Motorsport + 0:52.191
15. Bernhard ten Brinke HSF Porsche Eindhoven + 1:06.576
16. Sebastiaan Bleekemolen Bleekemolen Race Planet - PZ Essen + 1:17.240
17. Jaap van Lagen Bleekemolen Race Planet - PZ Essen + 1:29.029
18. Nemunas Dagilis SPS automotive performance + 1:43.876
19. Maher Algadri Golden Spike Pertamina Indonesia RT + 1 Runde
20. Lance David Arnold ups porsche Junior Team + 1 Runde
21. Christian Menzel tolimit motorsport + 1 Runde
22. Darryl O'Young Schnabl Engineering LKM Team Jebsen + 2 Runden
23. Paul van Splunteren HSF Porsche Eindhoven + 3 Runden
24. Jeroen Bleekemolen Golden Spike Pertamina Indonesia RT + 4 Runden
25. Stefan Rosina Lechner Racing School + 5 Runden
26. Jiri Janak Schnabl Engineering LKM Team Jebsen + 7 Runden
not classified
Michael Schrey HISAQ Competition
Mikael Forsten Lechner Racing SchooL

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